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Welcome to Garments of Splendor! I pray that this is a place where you can gain encouragement in your prayer life and in your relationship with God! Here are some free printables that you can download by clicking on the highlighted links.

You are welcome to use these printables for personal use or in small group Bible studies.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Printable Prayers

Prayer is our lifeline! Feel free to download these printable prayers to deepen your prayer life and grow your faith!

Download the prayer against negative thoughts HERE.

This prayer was originally written in the blog post on demolishing strongholds. We can use the power of God’s Word to transform and renew our minds and live in freedom and peace!

Download the prayer of blessing over your family HERE.

Do you desire to pray a prayer of blessing over your family? Take a look at this post here on how you can powerfully pray for your family using Psalm 128.

Download the prayer on Praying God’s Promises HERE.

Looking for ways to pray God’s promises? Check out this post on how you can pray God’s promises over your life with power! (Plus download a free printable with 100 promises from God’s Word!)

Download the free printable of Praying Psalm 27 HERE.

God has not given us a Spirit of fear! I love Psalm 27, which is a psalm all about not being afraid, because God is with us! Take a look at this post on how we can overcome fear and anxiety and pray with power!

Download the Mother’s Prayer Printable HERE.

Pray for your children with power! As mothers, our hearts will always desire the very best for our children. One of the best ways we can love our children is to pray for them. Take a look at this post on 35 Scriptures to pray for your children!

Bible Studies

Looking for ways to deepen your faith and experience more freedom in Christ? Check out this FREE Bible study! Discover your identity in Christ and walk in more freedom and fullness today! Feel free to use these Bible study pages for your personal Bible study or in a group church setting.

You can download the free printable Bible journaling stickers that go along with this Bible study below!

Download the Bible study pages HERE.

Download the FREE Bible journaling stickers to go along with the Garments of Freedom Bible study HERE! I really like these stickers because you can use them in so many places. You can use them in your prayer journal, in your journaling Bible, or even in your planner!

Prayer Journals

Prayer journals are great ways to draw closer to God. You can use them to write down your thoughts, prayer requests, praises, and so much more. Feel free to use the following prayer journals in your personal prayer time with the Lord!

Check out the post on 42 Scriptures on gratitude and thanksgiving, and download the FREE gratitude journal that goes along with that post HERE!

This FREE prayer journal is filled with 30 affirmations about your identity in Christ that you can read, reflect on, and journal about!

How to use this journal: Each page has a Biblical affirmation, such as, “I am a child of God” with the Scripture reference attached. There is a space for you to write out the Scripture reference (in the box on the top of the page.

Writing Scripture is a powerful practice, which is why I have provided the space for you to write down the Scripture references. After that, you can use the lined spaces to write out your reflections on the verse, prayers, or whatever you’d like related to that Biblical affirmation.

Feel free to use the prayer journal this way, or in a way that word for you!

You can download the free prayer journal HERE.

Free Prayer Journal with Stickers

Don’t you just love stickers? They aren’t just for kids anymore. You can use the stickers in this prayer journal to decorate your Bible or prayer journal, and feel free to use the journal pages as well!

Feel free to download this prayer journal with bonus stickers!

Download the Prayer Journal HERE.

Free Floral Prayer Journal

Here is another prayer journal with a floral design (because you just can never have too many flowers, right?) Use this soft lavender floral design for your personal Bible study time!

Download the free floral prayer journal HERE.

free bible printables

Adult coloring is really popular right now, and it’s so great that we as adults can use this option to relax and participate in an activity that can be enjoyable and very calming.

This is a coloring prayer journal, so you can color the pages and write your prayers at the fame time! Switch up each page by coloring them differently, and enjoy your time with the Lord!

Feel free to download this free printable coloring prayer journal!

Download the free coloring prayer journal HERE.

Free Prayer Pages

Habit trackers are also a big thing right now, and people use them to track how much exercise they do each day, water intake, etc. I decided to make a prayer tracker so that we can keep track of the prayers and prayer requests we have been praying throughout the week.

Add this prayer tracker to a prayer binder or planner, and ignite your prayer life!

Download a FREE Prayer Tracker HERE

You can also use this prayer calendar to write down more specific prayer requests you want to pray for each month.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to pray for everything that is on our hearts and minds in one sitting, and we may need to write things down and space them out to make sure we cover everything.

You can use this prayer calendar however you desire!

Feel free to download a FREE prayer calendar HERE

Free Planner Pages

Ever overwhelmed by the tons of tasks that you have to do each day? Add this daily planner sheet to your prayer binder or planner, and write down small, actionable tasks that you can conquer each day!

Download a FREE Daily Planner Page HERE

Printable Wall Art

Who doesn’t love free wall art? Use these pages and print them off to decorate your home and remind you of the promises from God’s Word!

Use this free Scripture art to decorate your home and remind you of God’s great love for you!

You can download the 8×10″ wall are printable HERE.

printable wall art

You may have times where you go through “dry seasons” in your life, but know that even in the midst of the desert seasons of life, God is still with you, and you can bloom where you are planted!

Download this FREE printable wall art to HERE!

Spending tome with God in the morning is a powerful way to start your day. I love the sing “Give me Jesus” because it talks about rising in the morning to meet with God.

You can download the free Scripture art Printable HERE.

Be sure to check out the blog post on 7 Ways to Meet with Jesus Every Morning HERE!

Scripture Reading Plans

Armor of God Scripture Reading Plan

Read more about praying the Armor of God over your life by checking out the post connected to this Scripture reading plan!

40 Days of Praying through the Psalms Scripture Reading Plan

I absolutely LOVE the Psalms. It’s like reading an open prayer journal! Check out more about how to pray through the Psalms by taking a look at the post in the highlighted link!

My Identity in Christ Scripture Reading Plan

Our strength and confidence is in who we are in Christ! Check out this post on how we can find our rest and hope in our Identity in Christ.

21 Names of God Scripture Reading Plan

Check out this post on how to pray the names of God!

100 Promises of God

28 Scriptures on the amazing love of God scripture reading plan

Check out the post HERE on 28 Scriptures that focus on God’s love, and how we can love others! Download two different versions on this printable when you visit this post!

Prayer Calendars

Prayers for My Husband Prayer Calendar

Need encouragement on praying for your husband? You can check out the blog post by clicking on the highlighted link!

free prayer calendar, praying for your husband

Prayers for my Children Prayer Calendar

free prayer calendar, praying for your children

Scripture Cards

Deepen your prayer life by using these Scripture Cards!

Get the Scripture Cards HERE.

free scripture cards, floral scripture cards
free scripture cards

Download the FREE Floral Scripture Cards here.

You can check out the post here to discover how these twelve Scriptures talk about our worth in Christ!

Armor of God scripture cards

Need more strategies for taking every thought captive? Here are free printable scripture cards with verses relating to the Armor of God that you can download and print on cardstock. Using the printable Christian affirmations and these Scriptures will encourage your heart and strengthen your soul!

Download these FREE Armor of God Scripture cards and walk in victory and peace today!

free floral scripture cards

You can download the free floral Scripture cards by clicking HERE. I hope you enjoy them!

You can download these floral Scripture cards HERE, and visit the post on 11 Ways to Memorize Scripture HERE!

Other Prayer Printables

Free scripture coloring pages, bible verse coloring pages

Check out the post here to download these free Scripture coloring pages!

Bible Journaling Printables

Free spring Bible journaling stickers

Download these free Spring printables to grow in your faith! Click on the link HERE to download!

Use these free journaling stickers to deepen your faith! Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and spend time with Jesus each morning. You can read the blog post on ways to spend time with Jesus each morning by clicking here. DOWNLOAD THE FREE STICKERS HERE!

This Bible journaling printable focuses on the Fruit of the Spirit! You can download the printables by clicking HERE or on the button below, and you can check out this post on even more free Bible journaling printables!

Use this FREE Bible journaling printable to remind you that if God cares for the birds of the air, he will definitely take care of you!

Download the FREE Bible Journaling Printable HERE.

Free clothed with compassion bible journaling prinatable

Use this free Bible journaling sticker set to remind yourself that you are clothed with compassion through Christ! Download the printable HERE or check out the button below!

Do you need daily reminders that our faith can move mountains? I know I do! Use this Bible journaling printable to focus on the Word of God, and your faith can move mountains! Download the printable HERE or click the button below.

Feel free to use these glitter Bible Margin strips in your Bible, prayer journal, or use them as bookmarks! Click HERE to download, or click on the button below.

Perfect for Bible journaling during the Easter season!

Read more about focusing on Jesus during the Easter season by reading this post HERE.

Use this floral washi tape and stickers for any of your creative projects!

No matter what season we are in, we always need to soak up the SON’s rays of love for us! Download this Bible journaling printable to remind you of God’s love for you!

The love of God blooms in your life! Check out the post on how to use these stickers in your prayer journal, or download the printable HERE or by clicking on the button.

God showers us with his many blessings! Check out this free Bible journaling printable HERE!

Check out these tropical Bible journaling stickers you can use any time of the year, or to celebrate the joy of summer! Look for ways to spend time with God during the summer months in this post HERE!

Use these free Scripture cards to remind yourself of God’s love for you! All of the Scripture cards in this set are verses about the heart, like Proverbs 4:23–Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Download these Scripture cards HERE!

free prayer printable

Prayer Planner Printable

Looking for ways to pray the power of God’s Word? Check out this post here on how to pray God’s Word effectively and powerfully!

Prayer Request Printable

Looking for ways to grow deeper in your prayer life? Check out this post on 28 Scriptures to brighten your day, and download a free mini devotional and prayer journal–along with a free Bible journaling printable!

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