Eleven Summer Bible Study Ideas (with Free Printables)

Each summer our schedules are filled with a plethora of activities. Weekend trips, barbecues, beach trips, and visits with family. The weather warms up, and we find ourselves outdoors more–soaking in the summer sun.

11 Ways to connect with God this summer

One thing that can easily fall off of our schedules with the hustle of a hectic summer is quality time with God.

Here are eleven creative ways to connect with God this summer.

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11 Summer Bible Study Ideas

1. Spend time with God Outside

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.

Psalm 100:1

When summer hits, I love connecting with God outside by simply pulling up a lawn chair in a sunny spot with my Bible and favorite summer beverage.

Spend time soaking in the beauty of God’s creation as you spend time with him in prayer. Go for a walk, and admire the trees, flowers, and song of the birds. Spending time with God in his creation is such a powerful way to connect with God!

2. Listen to Scripture

Download a free Bible app on iTunes or Google Play, or try YouVersion. As you take a walk, tend to your garden or fold the laundry, you can spend time with the Lord and allow his Word to soak into your soul!

3. Listen to Sounds of Creation

Growing up as a child, I remember my dad listening to sounds of nature like ocean waves and light rain. It was always so calming to listen to, and if you are not able to make it outside, listening to the sounds of creation is the next best thing!

I personally do not live near the ocean, but have always loved the deep, rich sounds of the waves. Listening to ocean waves as you close your eyes will make you feel like you are right on the beach!

There are tons of videos on Youtube with sounds of the ocean, like this one here:

4. Listen to Worship Music

One of my favorite things to do on any given day throughout the year is to lift up my voice in worship to our magnificent God!

Since summer is a time when people have oceans on their minds, play songs like “Oceans” by Hillsong United, “Peace be Still” by The Belonging Co with Lauren Daigle, or “You Make me Brave” by Bethel.

One of my favorites is “Oceans”. It just never gets old. Sit in God’s presence today and let his goodness wash over you like the waves of the ocean!

5. Keep a Travel-sized Bible Nearby

I used to take my large study Bible with me when I traveled, but it is just not convenient. I LOVE my study Bible when I want to go deeper in the Word, but on a family trip, a pocket-sized or gift-sized Bible works just great.

6. Use a Travelers Notebook for Quick Journaling and Note Taking

If you are on vacation and don’t want to take your personal journal with all of your written prayers, thoughts and reflections, try a travelers notebook. It’s small, compact, and easy to pack.

They come with small pocket-sized notebook inserts that you can easily switch out when you fill the pages.

These mini notebooks also easily fit in your purse, and you can jot down quick sermon notes or use for your quiet time in a hotel room.

7. Try a Summer-themed Bible journaling kit

Summer+Bible journaling=fun in the sun! Enjoy the beauty and excitement of summer, and connect with God by using a summer Bible journalingk kit. The Etsy shop PrintPraySlay has a beautiful summer journalinkg kit, (and everything else she has is amazing!)

You can also download a collection of summer Bible journaling stickers by clicking on the links below!

Click HERE to download this Bible journaling printable!

Free Tropical Bible journaling stickers

Click HERE to download this printable!

Free beach Bible journaling stickers

I love this verse in Hebrews 6:16 because it reminds me that God is the one who anchors our soul!

8. Read a Good Book

Snuggle up in the sun with a good book! These are great to take on the road or to take along to the beach. Try a new series you’ve been meaning to get to this year, but didn’t have the time for.

9. Try a Summer-themed Devotional

Try a summer devotional like Susan Cady’s Summer Soak.

10. Pray for those who are Traveling

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Psalm 5:11

The summer is a time where we especially need to be in prayer for those who are traveling, and to pray for the protection and safety of others. During your times of connection with the Lord, don’t forget to pray for the protection of those around you.

Check out this post on how you can pray for others by praying the Psalms, and read this post on how we can pray for healing here.

11. Open your Home to Others

Who around you needs to experience the love and grace of God through the powerful ministry of hospitality? Open your home to others, and experience the joy and fulfillment of serving Jesus himself.

Here is a free summer Scripture reading plan that you can download and use to connect with God this summer.

Just click on the link HERE to download!

Summer Scripture reading plan

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