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Welcome to the Garments of Freedom Bible study! I am so excited that you are joining me on a journey to more joy and freedom in Christ!

This Bible study was originally a 5-day email course, but over the years I have tweaked it, had it on various course platforms, and finally decided to make it available to anyone on my website!

This Bible study is designed to take you five days to complete, but you can take as many days as you’d like to work through the material. It’s totally up to you!

You can download the entire Bible study workbook below before you get started, or you can download each section of the workbook based on the separate lessons for each day.

Feel free to do what is easiest for you!

There is also a Bible journaling sticker page that you can download below and use however you wish. I normally print my stickers on 8.5″x11″ full sheet label paper.

Feel free to use the stickers to decorate your Bible, add to a prayer journal, or a planner!

You can use this Bible study in your personal devotions, or feel free to use it in a group church setting if you desire.

Thanks again for joining me!


Download the course workbook and Bible journaling stickers below!

Garments of Freedom Bible Study Workbook

Bible Journaling Stickers


This Bible study has been redesigned, and you can also download the newer pages of this Bible study below!

Redesigned Bible Study Workbook

Redesigned Bible Journaling Stickers

Day One: Shedding the Shawl of Shame

Welcome to Day One! Today we will look at the root of shame. 

Watch today’s video: Shedding the Shawl of Shame by clicking on the video.

After you’ve watched the video, work through the pages in the workbook for Day One. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

The Root of Shame

Shame. We’ve all experienced it. That gut-wrenching feeling you get when you know you’ve done something wrong—or when something awful has been done to you at the hands of another. It’s shame.

Shame is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary as a painful sensation excited by guilt; disgrace.

It leaves us feeling humiliated, worthless and unwanted. Usually, sin and shame go hand-in-hand; like two cold-blooded companions, out to isolate and annihilate our relationship with God and others.

When sin is committed, shame is sure to follow, lurking like a lingering shadow.  

Not too long ago I heard author and blogger Jessie Minassian open up about the sexual abuse she endured as a child on a Focus on the Family interview.

She recounted the guilt. The pain. The self-loathing.

“…That is when shame becomes a cloak that you wear and it is so hard to break free…” 

We’ve all worn this cloak for far too long. Whether you have struggled with sin from your past or currently find yourself in a cycle of sorrow and pain, today is your day of freedom.  

It’s time to remove the dark, ominous shawl of shame and trade that cloak in for Christ’s garments of liberty.  

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Day 2: Putting on Garments of Splendor

Welcome to Day Two! Watch today’s video: Putting on Garments of Splendor and refer to Day Two of the workbook.

Surrounded by Splendor

She entered the king’s presence in complete awe. She was surrounded by riches beyond her wildest dreams. The glimmer of gold, sparkling jewels and precious stones within the king’s palace took her breath away.

She had heard of his riches and fame—and had to see it for herself. 

But what was even more spectacular than all the king’s wealth was the rich wisdom that flowed from his speech. She was astonished—amazed and overwhelmed. All that she heard about him was true. She had now witnessed it first hand.

This woman is the Queen of Sheba who visited King Solomon in all of his riches and splendor (1 Kings 10:1-13). Back in chapter 3, God granted Solomon’s request of wisdom to rule the nation of Israel with discernment and righteousness.

He not only gave Solomon incredible wisdom, but lavished him with the greatest amount of riches any king had ever seen.

Dive into Day Two of the Bible study workbook to discover more!

Day Three: Garments of Praise

You’ve made it to Day Three! Woo hoo!

Watch today’s video: Garments of Praise and answer the reflection questions in Day Three of the workbook!

Silence in the Synagogue

 A hush fell over the room as he stood and unrolled the ancient scroll. His eyes scanned the holy, Spirit-inspired words written hundreds of years before his birth.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor…”

A pin could have been heard in the synagogue that day. All eyes were fixed on him. After he finished reading, Jesus rolled the scroll back up, carefully handed it to the attendant and sat back down.

The crowd watched in amazement at the graceful words he spoke. 

“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” (Luke 4:21)

That day marked the launch of Jesus’ public ministry. Wrapped in the power of the Holy Spirit, he began teaching in synagogues. People throughout the area of Galilee were astounded by the speech and spiritual authority of this carpenter’s son (Luke 4:15).

Could this man truly be the promised Messiah, the Anointed One?

The scripture Jesus read from were the words of the prophet Isaiah. The word of God had indeed been fulfilled. The day Jesus came to earth to ransom captive Israel…and the entire world.

Let’s take a look at this amazing passage more closely from Isaiah 61 by looking at your workbook for Day 3!

Day Four: Garments of Beauty

Welcome to Day Four! Check out today’s video: Garments of Beauty, and be sure to read through the material in your Bible study workbook for Day Four.

(Just an FYI, the last few seconds of the video got at little cut off at the end, but all of the main content is still there! lol 🙂 )

Splendor and Beauty

She turned the heads of everyone in her path. She was absolutely stunning. Wearing the garments suggested by the king’s eunuch, her gown flowed around her embroidered sandals as she approached the king.

With her hair perfectly in place, her eyes sparkled through her glowing countenance and timid smile. 

Esther won the favor of all who beheld her beauty…including the king of Susa. He placed a royal crown on her head and pronounced her the new queen.

We may have heard Esther’s story dozens of times; but what strikes me about this amazing woman is not so much her physical beauty that landed her a position in the palace, but the lessons we can learn from her inner beauty.

Let’s take a look at three features of Esther’s inner beauty that we can apply to the beauty of our own lives.

Watch the video, and check out more Bible study material in the workbook!

Day Five: Garments for Eternity

Congratulations–you’ve reached Day Five! (Time for a happy dance!)

I hope you have enjoyed this course, and have a greater understanding of the incredible clothing and freedom we have through Christ!

Watch today’s final video: Garments for Eternity, and conclude your study by reflecting on the questions in the Bible study workbook.

Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail to let me know if you found this material helpful!

Blessings to you,


An Incredible Sight

Imagine this scene with me for a moment:

You look around and find yourself standing among the largest crowd of people you have ever seen. More than you can ever begin to count. There are people from every nation, tribe, language and shade.

Everyone is standing before the throne of the Lamb, Jesus Christ himself.

The sea of people are all wearing white robes and waving palm branches in their hands, shouting,

“Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.”

Angels, elders and living creatures in their indescribable beauty fall on their faces before the throne and declare together in praise,

“Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!”
Revelation 7:10-12

Can you envision such an amazing sight? What a glorious chorus that will echo throughout heaven when all believers, along with every angel and creature praise our great God together!

As we conclude this five day study, we started in the garden with the shameful nakedness of humanity as a result of their sin.

But God’s word ends with the eternal salvation of humanity, clothed in garments of white; pure, holy, and filled with splendor. 

Let’s take a walk through the book of Revelation to uncover glimpses of our future attire!

Check out insights from the book of Revelation by going to Day 5 of the Bible study workbook!

Thank you for Joining me!

Thanks so much for joining me for the Bible study! I hope you enjoyed it and gained new insights from the Word of God!

You can check out other Bible studies I have available at Garments of Splendor, or consider joining me in the Women of the Word Community where we dive even deeper into God’s Word!

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