7 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Start Praying with Confidence

Do you sometimes struggle with worry? We can use the power of prayer to stop worrying and start living the life God has called us to live!

There are so many things in this life to be concerned about. We worry about our families, our kids, our marriages, our jobs, finances, the future, the list goes on. There are so many things out of our control, and our natural response is to think about those things–a lot. Not only do we think about the things in our lives that we can’t control, but we often worry when those things in our lives don’t go the way we expect them to.

Your children don’t always cooperate. The job you have been on for years starts to lay people off. There never seems to be enough money at the end of each month.

We all have concerns in our lives that we wish we could change, right? 

So how do we take God’s Word and apply it to our lives when it says in Philippians 4:6 to STOP worrying and to START praying?

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

This is one of my absolute favorite verses to combat worry. If God is telling us in this Scripture to not worry but instead to PRAY, let’s look at seven powerful prayers we can pray when we need to kick worry to the curb–so we can live in true freedom and peace!

7 Powerful Prayers to Stop Worrying

We as humans tend to worry A LOT. What are the main things we worry about?

We worry about…

  • The future
  • What others think of us
  • About money
  • About our health/safety
  • About death
  • About work
  • About our families

Of course there are other things we worry about, but many of them could be summed up in this list. In fact, it may be helpful for you to take out a prayer journal and write down the top ten things you have been worrying lately.

Do some of the things you worry about fall into some of these categories? The next thing we need to do is pull out our Swords (which is the Word of God, because we are mighty warriors!) and write down Scriptures that relate to the things we are worried and concerned about. 

Then we can use those Scriptures to pray God’s Word over our situations, and allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts! Let’s take the top seven things most people  worry about from the list above and use God’s Word to pray with power!

A Prayer to Stop Worrying about the Future

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

This is such a well-known Scripture, and it holds such peace and comfort. When God spoke these Words to Israel through Jeremiah the prophet, they were in exile in Babylon. To the Israelites, their future did not look very hopeful at all.

But God knew that their suffering wouldn’t last forever, and neither will ours! Whatever you are going through, remember that God is in control of your past, present, and future–and his plans for your life are beautifully shaped within his perfect plan.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you that you have great plans for my life, and a hope for my future. Because you love me, I trust my future into your hands. In the times when I start to worry about my future, help me to remember that you are orchestrating my life according to our good, pleasing and perfect will. Amen.

A Prayer to Stop Worrying About what Others Think

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:10

Many of us spend way too much time worrying about what people think of us! Have you ever re-played conversations in your head that you had with others, wondering (and worrying) what they now think of you? (Me too!)

In this age of social media, we also try to present ourselves in the best light possible so we can get the approval and “likes” of others on various social media platforms–and we spend even more time comparing ourselves to OTHER people on social media!

In the times where we begin to worry and overly analyze how other people view us, we need to remember to keep our identities grounded in who God says we are.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you love and accept me for who I am–I never have to worry about impressing you! Help me to live my life to please you, and to not live for the approval of others. Amen

A Prayer to Stop Worrying About Money

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?

Matthew 6:25

This is a big one! So many of our worries can be tied to money. No matter how much money we have, we usually find some way to worry about it. Do we have enough? How will we pay for this or that? We also worry about money when unexpected expenses come up.

When we are in bed and feel those nagging worries start to creep up and steal us of peace and joy, remember that God owns everything, and we can take our concerns to him because he deeply cares for us!

Prayer: Lord, as your Word says in Matthew 6, help me not to worry about my life. You know what I need, and if you care for the birds of the air, I know that you will care for me. Help me to cast my money worries at your feet, and give me the peace to know that you will provide for my every need. Amen.

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A Prayer to Stop Worrying About our Health and Safety

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.

Proverbs 3:7-8

The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch 

over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm 121:7-8

We as humans are understandably concerned for our health and well-being. When we do our best to eat healthy foods and exercise, we are taking care of the precious temples God has given us. We can do our part to stay healthy and safe, and we must trust God to take care of the rest. There is no use in worrying about our health and safety if ultimately, our lives are in God’s hands.

This may not always be easy, but when we surrender our lives to God and trust him with our health and safety, we can truly live in peace and allow God to guard our hearts and minds through Christ as Philippians 4:6-7 so beautifully expresses.

Prayer: Lord, thank you so much that your Word brings strength and life to my soul. I ask that you strengthen my body and bring nourishment to my bones as I do my best to take care of this vessel you have given me. Thank you that your Word also says that you watch over my life, and you lovingly watch over my coming and going. Nothing is hidden from your sight. Help me to trust you each day as I surrender my life to you. Amen!

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A Prayer to Stop Worrying About Death

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Revelation 21:4

We as believers do not have to fear death, since we know that we will experience the bliss and blessing of spending eternity in the presence of God! Just image–there will be a time when we will not experience death, pain, or sadness that is so prevalent in our world today.

What a glorious day that will be! We don’t have to worry or be afraid of death–in fact, Jesus came and suffered an excruciating death on the cross so that we can experience eternal life with him forever!

Prayer: Lord, thank you so much for the hope that we have in your eternal life! Give me the strength to live this life you have given me on Earth, as I prepare for the eternal life that I will experience with you in heaven. Thank you that I do not need to fear death, but that I can walk in confidence that I will see you one day face to face. Amen!

A Prayer to Stop Worrying About Work

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:17

Many of our worries can also be tied to our work. Whether we work at home or work in a business outside of the home, there seems to be an unending amount of tasks to do each day. (And how often do we actually complete our to-do lists?) 

Once we cross things off of our to-do lists, the next day there is another list waiting for us! Most of us can easily identify with Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Can we blame Martha for wanting to have everything around the house ready for Jesus and the disciples? But as Martha huffed impatiently as she waited for her sister Mary to start helping with the tasks at hand, Jesus gently reminded Martha of what was really important.

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42

Even in the midst of our busy work schedules and hurried lives, there is only one thing that we really need–and that is to sit at the feet of Jesus and glean from the riches of his grace. Yes, the dishes need to be done, the laundry needs to be folded, and that work project must get done. But when we “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness”, all that we need will ultimately be provided. Praise his name!

Prayer: Lord, thank you that you establish the work of my hands. Help me to do my work with all of my heart, and for your glory. Help me to remember as I perform my daily tasks, that your presence is with me, and that I have everything I need. Amen.

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A Prayer to Stop Worrying About our Families

“May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.” For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.”

Psalm 122: 6b-8

Oftentimes, one of the biggest areas where we worry is concerning our families. We desire our families to experience God’s blessing, and for each of them to make wise choices in their lives. Whether we pray for our husbands or powerfully declare Scriptures over our children, we desire God’s very best in the lives of our families.

But what do we do when a loved one becomes ill, or a child walks away from their faith in their adult years? How do we stop worrying about things within our families that we cannot control? All we can do for our families is love them, pray for them, and give them over to the Lord and trust God’s hand of direction to lead them.

Surrendering our family members over to God does not mean giving up on them, but it means that we continually choose to trust God to guide and protect them.

Prayer: Lord, I pray for your peace to guide and direct my family today. Help me to trust you to guard and keep them in all their ways. Help me not to burden myself by worrying about them, but give me the strength to trust that they are in your hands, and that you will guide them and grant them your peace, grace, and mercy. Amen.

In Conclusion

We can confidently trust in the Lord with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). When we sense worry creeping into our lives, we can rely on the truth of these prayers and Scriptures to remind us that God is in control!

Free Scripture Cards

Feel free to download these Scripture cards when you need to overcome worry with the Word of God!

Download the free Scripture cards HERE

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