The Ultimate Prayer Binder

About a year ago, I found myself in a real spiritual slump. I knew that the promises of God’s Word applied to my life, but I just wasn’t seeing any of my prayers being answered.

It seemed like I was running on a spiritual treadmill, constantly working, reading, and praying, but feeling like I was going nowhere. 

I even stopped praying for some things. I assumed that since my circumstances were not changing, that I had to accept my life the way it was.

I never stopped serving the Lord, but I held back in my prayer life because I was just so tired of being disappointed. 

Disappointed at life, disappointed in my family, and disappointed that God hadn’t changed my situation. 

Have you ever been there?

How to Pray without Ceasing

I was deeply discouraged by the spiraling circumstances around me, and I truly felt like giving up. In some ways, I did for a while. 

So how do we really pray without ceasing? How do we pray to the point that it is as natural as breathing? How do we truly give thanks to God in all circumstances and find reason to rejoice in the midst of our pain?

Over the last several years I have learned the amazing value of not just praying for myself and for my loved ones, but how to truly approach God’s throne of grace with confidence.

When I pray according to the Word of God, then I know I am praying the will of God! (Check out this amazing post of what a toad and a frog taught me about prayer!)

Refusing to Give Up

One day as I cried out the Lord, I sensed him speaking to me. He lovingly told me to not give up. I thought of the parable of the persistent widow, and how she continually went before the unjust judge to seek justice for her case. 

If this wicked judge granted her request after her persistent boldness, how much more will our Father graciously give us what we need?

As I have journeyed with the Lord, I have come to realize that spending time with him in prayer changes me, even more than the circumstance I am praying for. 

Some circumstances may stay the same according to God’s good, pleasing and perfect will, but WE can always change as a result of our prayers. 

Time spent in prayer is never wasted. 

It is a precious time that deepens our faith and confidence in God, and I wouldn’t trade of minute of that time for anything in the world!

A Powerful Prayer Resource

So I created the BOLD Prayer Challenge, and the Ultimate Prayer Binder–a power-packed prayer journal with printable pages for just about every area of life!

This prayer binder is over 45 pages long, and has prayer pages for various prayer categories such as personal prayers, family, friends, church, local government, and the world.

It also comes with grid paper for Bible journaling and creative praying, journaling stickers, and prayer calendars!

Aaannnnd, it also comes with FREE access to an online community where you can share prayer requests, and get exclusive prayer videos and bonus prayer printables! 

This prayer binder has not only been a huge blessing in my life, but has been a blessing to others as well.

This is what a fellow sister in Christ said:
“I’ve spent a few days putting together my prayer binder and have had some time now of using my prayer binder and it really truly is an amazing and awesome blessing!!

I have NEVER had such an organized prayer life EVER! And that lack of organization caused me to always burn out from frustration and being overwhelmed. I am loathe to admit it but I would often groan inwardly as I began prayer time… but now I am so joyful to begin and so refreshed and recharged afterwards!!!”

Isn’t God awesome?!

I never would have dreamed that this prayer resource would be a blessing to women all over the world who are ready to go deeper in their prayer lives!

So are you ready to deepen your prayer life and pray with boldness and confidence? Grab a copy of the Ultimate Prayer Binder today!

You can also use these FREE Bible journaling stickers to accompany the Ultimate Prayer Binder, or simply download the to use in your Bible, planner, or personal prayer journal!

Just click on the image below to download!

Remember to pray without ceasing!

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  1. Thank you–so excited to start! This is so beautiful and just what I needed to get started on my prayer journaling. I will recommend your site to my friends. God bless you!!

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