How to Make a Prayer Notebook to Pray for your Family

Making a prayer notebook to pray for your family is a powerful way to surround your family in prayer on a continual basis. Here are some ideas on how you can make your own prayer notebook to pray for the loved ones in your life!

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prayer notebook for family

How do you Make a Prayer Notebook?

There are many different ways you can make a prayer notebook to pray for yourself and your family. First you can…

  1. Start by buying a notebook. I like to get inexpensive notebooks from places like the dollar store. You can then purchase stickers, washi tape, and scrapbook paper to decorate your notebook.
  2. If you want to compile loose papers into a binder, then you can purchase an inexpensive 3-ring binder.
  3. Create various sections in your prayer notebook by purchasing tabs and dividers to add to your prayer notebook.

Take a look at these supplies for your prayer notebook here:

3-Ring Binder

Washi Tape

Bible Journaling Stickers

Sticker Paper

Tabs and Dividers

How do you Bible journal in a notebook?

You can write in a Bible journaling notebook by adding blank paper, grid paper, or planner inserts into your prayer notebook, and write down your thoughts and prayers. There is no wrong way to do this! You can write down a Scripture verse that is meaningful to you, and write down prayers related to that Bible passage.

To Bible journal that page, you can draw and doodle a visual description of that passage, or include stickers and washi tape. You can also purchase paint specifically for Bible journaling and paint a design from that passage in your journaling Bible or in your prayer notebook.

Is it Okay to Write Down your Prayers?

Absolutely! You don’t have to write down big, fancy words in your prayer notebook–just what comes from the heart! I really like using Scripture to guide my prayers when I don’t know what to say. Take a look at this post on how you can pray the Word of God with power!

Is it OK to Pray for Ourselves?

When we use a prayer notebook to pray for our families, it is important to not neglect praying for ourselves. It is sometimes easy to forget to pray for our own needs when we are so focused on praying for our loved ones. But praying for ourselves is not selfish–it is a way we can stay connected to God and share with him the things that are on our hearts. We can pray for ourselves by writing down our prayer requests and the concerns. You can write down your fears, worries, dreams, and goals.

After you have written down the things on your heart, you can find Scriptures that specifically address those prayer needs. I have created a set of printable prayer journals that you can use to create powerful prayer notebooks to pray for yourself and your family!

How to Make a Prayer Notebook to Pray for your Husband

After you have spent time with the Lord praying for the specific needs and thoughts on your heart, you can also use a prayer notebook to pray for the members within your family. Praying for your husband is a powerful way you can honor him and your marriage. Ever since the creation of this world, the enemy has tried to tear marriages apart. We as wives must be vigilant and watchful and wary of the devil’s schemes to destroy our marriages. 

You can stand firm against the enemy and make a prayer notebook to powerfully pray for the specific needs of your husband. What are your husband’s greatest fears? What is he concerned about? Ask him what specific prayer requests he has that he would like you to pray for, and write those concerns down. (I’m sure he will be glad that you asked him!) You can also write down any other prayer requests you have concerning your husband, and spend time each day praying for a few of those requests.

How to Make a Prayer Notebook to Pray for your Daughter

If you have a daughter (I have three!) you can spend time praying for your daughter by asking her what prayer requests she has. Whether your daughter is a toddler, tween, teenager or young adult, we as mamas will always desire to pray for our daughters! Make a list of prayer requests she has mentioned to you recently in your prayer notebook.

How to Make a Prayer Notebook to Pray for your Son

Did you know that you can use Proverbs 31 to pray for your son? Proverbs 31 was written by King Lemuel as he reflected on the wise sayings of his mother. The first few verses in Proverbs 31 were specific instructions regarding how he ought to be a man of integrity and honor. We can use these verses to pray for our sons as we pray for God to shape them into the strong men of God he created them to be. According to Proverbs 31:1-9, we can pray for our sons to be:

  • Men of honor and justice
  • Men of integrity
  • Men of compassion
  • Men of wisdom

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to create a prayer notebook–the sky’s the limit! Make sure that you have all of your supplies you need, and spend time praying with power!

Sign up for the prayer challenge by clicking the link HERE!

May the Lord bless you as you seek the Lord through prayer each day!

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