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Have you ever doubted your worth and identity in Christ? I know I have. The lies of the enemy are rampant. On the movie screens. On billboards. On magazine covers. We can even receive lies through well-intending family members and people we deeply care about. We begin to feel isolated and alone, reverting into a cave of self-pity and self-loathing. I have learned that I need to continually renew my mind on a DAILY basis, or the lies will seep into my soul, poisoning my peace and stealing my joy.

Lies that cry out…

“You’re not good enough.”

“You’ll never measure up.” 

“God is disappointed in you.”

“You blew it again.”

“You will never be accepted.”

It is time to silence those lies with the powerful truth of God’s Word! We must, like the Israelites did in the Old Testament, surround ourselves with Scripture. On our doorposts. On our walls. On our clothing. Even on our refrigerators! I have created a freebie that you can download that have some of the post powerful truths of who we are in Christ–and you can place them anywhere you desire, because they are STICKERS! The first page has reminders of who we are in Christ with Scripture references, and the other page is blank where you can write your own affirmations!

Free faith stickers to remind you of your identity in Christ!

Simply print these pages on 8.5×11″ full sheet sticker paper (or full sheet shipping labels), and cut them out and place them in your journal, planner, Bible, or other places where you can be reminded on a daily basis of who you are in Christ! These stickers are also sized to fit the popular Erin Condren planners. Simply click on the images below to download!


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