How to Plan a Fun and Unforgettable Mother/ Daughter Tea Party

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Creating a memorable mother/daughter tea party is a wonderful way to connect with our daughters and impart words of love and wisdom into the crucial years of their childhood and adolescence. 

Mother/daughter tea parties can be a great springboard for discussions with daughters about who they are in Christ, and their worth and identity as royal daughters of the King of kings!

No matter what age your daughter may be, moms and daughters enjoy dressing up for special events–and a tea party is a great way to plan a special event with your daughter!

I remember when I hosted my first mother/daughter tea party with my oldest daughter–we had so much fun dressing up for the event, decorating, and preparing snacks for our friends and family.

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I specifically took time during our mother/daughter tea party to share a quick devotion with the girls about their worth and value in Christ, and we all enjoyed munching on delicious tea party treats!

A mother/daughter tea party is fun to do with family, friends, or as a women’s ministry church event, and can be memorable moments that create a powerful legacy in our daughters as they grow in their faith.

Here are a few ways you can host a mother/daughter tea party in your own home to create memories with your daughter that will last for years!

How to Plan a Mother/Daughter Tea Party

Planning a simple mother/daughter tea party doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can sit down with your daughter and create a simple list of friends or family you would like to invite to your mother/daughter tea party.

Feel free to use this FREE mother/daughter tea party invitation!

Download the free invitations here.

Think through a Mother/Daughter Tea Party Itinerary 

Once you have an idea of the people you and your daughter want to invite, brainstorm together what activities you would like to do at your mother/daughter tea party.

Here is a simple list of ideas that you may consider:

  • Mingle as guests arrive
  • Play a short icebreaker game
  • Enjoy snacks and tea
  • Do a fun tea party craft
  • Have mothers impart words of love and wisdom to their daughters or share a short devotion
  • Enjoy being together!

Once you have an idea of what you would like to do at your mother/daughter tea party, you can get creative and make it fun!

Mother/Daughter Tea Party Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games are a great way to kick off your mother/daughter tea party. 

Here are a few fun ice breaker games you can try.

I really like the tea party games at Julianne’s blog New Every Morning.

Women’s Ministry Toolbox also has a fun icebreaker bingo game you can use.

Mother/Daughter Tea Party Snacks

You can’t have a mother/daughter tea party without amazing snacks!

If it is too overwhelming to bake your own goodies for the tea party, ask each guest to bring a snack to share, and there is no shame in getting snacks from the grocery store!

If you and your daughter enjoy making goodies, pull out the old recipe book and create fun memories making snacks for your mother/daughter tea party.

Here is a recipe for fabulous tea cookies that I had at a friend’s house. They are SO good and very easy to make!

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies

mother daughter tea party

Mother/Daughter Tea Party Beverages

Of course, you can’t forget the tea! If you have younger daughters, they may enjoy a fruit flavored tea, and don’t forget the traditional favorites for the moms–I personally love teas from Celestial Seasonings.

Arabah Joy has beautiful printable Scripture tea tags that you can download from her blog to add to your tea bags.

You also have to see how Liberty from B4andafters created beautiful tea bags with the Scripture tags from Arabah Joy’s blog using paper doilies!

Mother/Daughter Tea Party Craft Ideas

We made fun paper tea cups with the free printable template from Red Ted Art, and they came out great!

At our next mother/daughter tea party I want to create the beautiful tea bags to give as gifts for friends and family from Liberty’s post

You can also make copies of the free printable tea party Bible journaling page to make a Bible journaling page as a craft activity for your party, or you can use it as a page to add in a scrapbook.

Download the tea party Bible journaling printable HERE!

Mother/Daughter Tea Party Devotion

This is the time in the tea party where you as the mother and hostess can impart words of truth and wisdom to your daughter and her quests by sharing the Word of God with them. 

It is a great opportunity to share a Scripture that you have prayed over your daughter, or you can read a poem or a letter you have written to your daughter.

Our daughters long to hear words of love and affirmation from us. The words of life and blessing that we pour into their lives is a powerful way to raise our daughters to live boldly and fearlessly for God in this world.

Our words of grace and encouragement are similar to the words God spoke to Jesus when he was baptized by John the Baptist:

And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17

You can read a short devotion for young girls, or read the powerful teacup story. Candi from A Day in Candi Land has a beautiful printable of this story that you can download.

It is a modern-day parable many of us have heard before, of how a beautiful teacup’s journey started as a simple lump of clay.

Like the process of a teacup transforming from a lump of clay to a beautiful vessel, we as daughters of God go through the process of being molded and shaped into a beautiful vessel God can use for his kingdom purposes!

Dannah Gresh in her book And the Bride Wore White also uses a powerful illustration of a teacup.

She uses the example of a beautiful and delicate teacup to teach girls that they are valuable and beautiful, and that they are not to be mistreated and thrown away like a disposable coffee cup. 

It is a powerful lesson on how we as daughters of Christ can carry ourselves with grace, honor and dignity, like the royalty we are!

mother daughter tea party

Hosting a Virtual Mother/Daughter Tea Party

At the time of this post, our world is still in the midst of the global pandemic COVID-19. One way to connect with other moms and daughters while social distancing is to host a virtual mother/daughter tea party by scheduling a Zoom meeting. 

You could also use the video call system on Facebook Messenger, or try out Google Meet.

If this option works for you, invite your guests ahead of time through an email invitation like Evite and schedule a Zoom call on a date that works for you and your guests.

You can also email your guests the icebreaker games that they can play during the Zoom call, and don’t forget to invite everyone to drink a cup of tea!

Tea Time with God Printable Prayer Journal

Since I love mother/daughter tea parties so much, I created a free Tea Time with God prayer journal that you can print off and use for yourself, or compile for your daughter as a gift.

Download the Tea Time with God Prayer Journal HERE.

In Conclusion

One of the best legacies we can pass down to our daughters is a love for the Word of God, and hosting a mother/daughter tea party is not only a great way to connect with our daughters, but a way for them to connect with God.

I hope you have found these tips helpful as you plan your own mother/daughter tea party in your home or church that will have a lasting impact on your daughter and her faith!

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