Bible Journaling for Kids: 6 Ways to Make Scripture Come Alive

Bible journaling for kids is a great way to get children excited about the Bible and get them into God’s word on a regular basis. 

My kids truly enjoy our Bible times even more when they are allowed to be creative and illustrate the Bible stories we discussed as a family.

Bible journaling gives them the freedom to get their hands active to create meaningful projects that teach them God’s word and draw them closer to Jesus.

Here are six ways to help scripture come alive for kids of all ages through Bible journaling!

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What Bible Journaling Supplies do you Need?

Depending on the type of Bible journaling you want to do with your kids, it is helpful to have a stash Bible journaling supplies such as:

  • Bible
  • Blank Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Pens 
  • Watercolor paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Stencils
  • Stamps
  • Construction paper
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Stickers

And any other creative elements you can think of that your kids will enjoy. 

How to Bible Journal with Kids

I like to block out a good chunk of time to spend journaling with my kids, so I usually set up all the supplies and things we need, and before we get started, we spend time reading the Bible together.

I may choose a Bible story to focus on from the Old Testament or from the Gospels, or we may read a Psalm to discuss together. 

After we read the Bible passage and talk about it, they can apply what they’ve learned and express the passage artistically to solidify what they have read to deepen their understanding of the Bible passage.

Bible journaling is a powerful way for kids to retain the information they have learned, and to get creative with the passage to help the beautiful truth of Scripture to permeate within their hearts.

Here are some ways your kids can get creative with Scripture!

Bible Journaling with Stickers

Kids love stickers! What better way to incorporate their love for stickers than with Bible journaling? Stickers are pretty inexpensive, and you can buy faith-filled stickers of all designs and styles for your kids to enjoy. 

Here are a few stickers you can take a look at here.

Bible Journaling with Kids through Painting

Painting is a really fun way to incorporate Bible journaling with your kids.  It is one of my kids’ favorite (and messy!) ways to use Bible journaling! You can have your kids illustrate a Bible passage by painting within a notebook or on a journaling Bible.

In the past, I have gone to the thrift store to buy used Bibles that my kids could use for Bible journaling. At some of the thrift stores we’ve visited, they even give away Bibles for free!

We have special “Bible journaling” Bibles that they use just for painting, and a regular kids Bible they use for our Bible time and for personal devotions.

Depending on the type of Bible you have, they can use watercolor paints to illustrate specific Bible stories, or draw images and paint them within their Bibles.

Acrylic paint gets a bit messier, but with proper preparation, it can be a fun way to Bible Journal with your kids.  You can even set aside paint shirts ahead of time so that they don’t get their regular clothes messy.  

Faber-Castell Gelatos are also great options, and not as messy.

Ask them to think about their favorite part of the Bible passage that they read together.

What stood out to them?

What do they wish to illustrate or paint?

What Biblical truth do they want to remember? 

This is a very fun part of Bible journaling, and creates fun memories with your kids for years to come!

Bible Journaling with Kids with Stencils

When you have younger children, using stencils can be a great way to incorporate Bible journaling Bible journaling in your Bible time.  

Stencils are great because you can trace (or paint) the illustrations with the stencil without your children being discouraged that they cannot draw perfectly.

You can even use coloring pages and print out various Bible characters or illustrations on cardstock.

Cut out the illustrations, and have your children trace around the images.  You’ve just created your very own stencils your children can use again and again!

Bible Journaling with Kids with Stamps

Stamps are another good way to incorporate art in Bible journaling with your kids.  Like stencils, they are quick and easy ways to create beautiful and fun images that your kids can enjoy.

Using animal stamps can be fun to illustrate the story of Noah.

Other stamps that include words and Christian quotes are great for older kids who want to illustrate their faith in deeper ways.

Stamps are pretty inexpensive to purchase as well and can’t even even be found at your local thrift store. This is a place we love to go to search for Bible journaling supplies!

You can use stamps with watercolor or acrylic paint, or with colorful ink pads.  Once again let your kids be creative and come up with fun designs that they can use to illustrate their faith!

Bible Journaling with Kids with Coloring Pages

Many children of all ages enjoy coloring.  You can Print out coloring pages to create stencils, or for your kids to color and glue in they’re Bible journaling notebooks or Bibles.   

Coloring sheets are fun to use in Bible journaling because they can use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to color the illustrations, and many Bible coloring pages also include Scripture passages.

Have your children read the Scripture passage out loud to you, or read it to them to your child who is still learning to read.  Encourage them to get creative with coloring, and too enjoy the fun, relaxing activity coloring Scripture.

You can even put on worship music while they color, and use their coloring time as a fun worship time.

Here are some links to free Bible coloring pages that you can use to print from your own home.

Ministry to Children

Also, check out the link below on a free printable prayer journal you can download with coloring pages!

Bible Journaling with Kids with a Printable Prayer Journal

You can also incorporate writing in your Bible journaling by using a notebook or printable prayer journal.  Your kids can write down prayer requests, praises, things they are grateful for, or any other thoughts they have on their minds.

They can use their prayer journals to doodle, color, and write their thoughts.

This type of Bible journaling is another fun and worshipful activity that children can do on their own while music is played in the background.

Here is a printable prayer journal that you can download and use with your kids. I created this for my kids a while back that they have used in our Bible times together. 

Click HERE to download the Prayer Journal for Kids!

After reading a Bible passage together, they would write down a key verse, draw a picture, and write down any thoughts and prayers they had in their journals.

There are also a couple of coloring pages at the end of this prayer journal.  Feel free to print as many copies as you would like for your children!

In Conclusion

Bible journaling is a wonderful way to teach your children to hide God’s Word in their hearts.  Children love art, mixed media, and exploring the Bible in tangible and meaningful ways. Bible journaling for kids is a great way to do that!

So carve out some time, and prepare your children’s hearts to cultivate their faith–a faith that can illustrate and call their very own!

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