Nine Valentines from the Heart of God

Do you remember those Valentine’s parties you had in elementary school? I remember each student receiving a decorated paper bag, and we walked around the classroom dropping cards and candies into each other’s bags with great excitement. Most of the cards had funny cartoon characters, with silly messages like,  “You’re sweet!” or the famous, “Be mine, Valentine!”

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The Top Ten Love Songs from God’s Word

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens…
Psalm 57:10

Love. The most profound expression of delight and affection has been misused, abused, and cheaply minimized. How can we say “I love jelly doughnuts” and “I love God” in the same breath? God’s love is deeper, richer than any pleasure on this earth. God is love. His love is like a sweet melody that washes over the soul.

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