Summoned by Name: Give Jesus your All

Give, and it will be given to you. Luke 6:38a

Recently my son for his 7th birthday received a generous amount of money as a gift from various family members. He was so excited! The next day, he told me that he wanted to give half of his birthday money to his older sister so they could buy ice cream together (not understanding that his money could buy several gallons of ice cream!) I marveled at his eagerness to give away what was rightfully his, and I actually had to prevent him from giving away all of his money that week!

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Summoned by Name and Seen in a Crowd

Towards the end of the summer my husband and I attended a crowded event with our kids. There were hundreds of people in the heart of the downtown area of our city. We explained to each of them (ages 8, 6, 4, and 2 at that time) how extremely important it was that they held tightly to our hands as we walked through the crowded sidewalks packed with people.

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Summoned by Name: More Precious than Sparkling Stones

I love sparkling things. When I was a child I remember going through a phase where I collected pretty stones. I scoured my backyard in search of the shiniest, most interesting stones I could find. From glittering white quartz to smooth igneous rocks, I was on a quest to add the most stunning stones to my collection.

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Summoned by Name: A Look at Four Nameless Women in the Bible

We all have one. From the moment we took our first breath and were swaddled in our mother’s arms, we were given a name. An identity. Our name captures the uniqueness and individuality of who we are as people created in the image of an amazing God. Names in the Bible have always had powerful and significant meanings. We greatly admire the heroes of our faith who lived up to their extraordinary names.

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Confessions of a Control Girl (with Special Giveaway!)

In one of the malls near our house, there used to be a set of play cars and trucks that children could sit on and “ride”. If you put a few coins in each machine, the cars would slowly move back and forth, complete with the sounds of honking horns and engines revving. My kids used to love riding these cars. It was always humorous for me to watch my son turn the steering wheel with such delight.

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The Power of Intercessory Prayer

This summer for the 4th of July, my family and I watched the fireworks in the heart of our city. We laid out a blanket near the riverbank of the downtown area, surrounded by tall buildings and sparkling streetlights. As darkness settled over the horizon, we saw spectators in fishing boats and excited passersby in brightly colored glow sticks. In front of our view was a large bridge filled with people waiting with eager anticipation for the fireworks show we all were gathered to view. Then suddenly…BOOM!

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The Power of Praying God’s Word (with printable Prayer Pack!)

I recently learned a valuable lesson in the power of prayer from a toad. Have you ever discovered that God sometimes speaks to us in the most unlikely ways? If we look around, He uses our everyday experiences to reveal His profound truths. I was reading the book Frog and Toad Together with my kids, I had one of those spiritual “aha!” moments.

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3 Ways to Enhance your Prayer Life

Last summer my kids and I planted a small garden for the very first time. We planted small lettuce and tomato plants, and were very excited when a couple of weeks later the lettuce plants began flourishing. The lettuce grew so quickly that we were eating salads from our new home-grown lettuce in a few short weeks. But after about a month or so, we noticed something strange.

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Why Your Story Matters (Speak Up 2017)

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the doors of the Great Hall. I grasped my conference binder in one hand and lugged a heavy tote bag in the other. The large conference room was filled with round tables and smiling faces. A friend warmly greeted me and invited me to her table. I breathed a sigh of relief and began to relax. “This is going to be good.” I thought to myself.

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