Summoned by Name: A Look at Four Nameless Women in the Bible

We all have one. From the moment we took our first breath and were swaddled in our mother’s arms, we were given a name. An identity. Our name captures the uniqueness and individuality of who we are as people created in the image of an amazing God.┬áNames in the Bible have always had powerful and significant meanings. We greatly admire the heroes of our faith who lived up to their extraordinary names.

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Confessions of a Control Girl (with Special Giveaway!)

In one of the malls near our house, there used to be a set of play cars and trucks that children could sit on and “ride”. If you put a few coins in each machine, the cars would slowly move back and forth, complete with the sounds of honking horns and engines revving. My kids used to love riding these cars. It was always humorous for me to watch my son turn the steering wheel with such delight.

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