Are you a Woman of Vogue or Virtue?

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Prov 31:10

The other day I was perusing the children’s picture book section of our local library, searching for fun books to read with my kids. A woman walked by on the other side of the shelf near me, and I suddenly heard her snicker to herself.

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The Gate that Leads to True Freedom

On April 7, 2015, the beauty company Dove launched an advertising campaign called “Choose Beautiful” . Representatives from the organization set up campaigns in several countries across the globe. At each conference location, two signs were placed at the entrance of each door; one labeled “Average” and the other “Beautiful”.

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Nine Valentines from the Heart of God

Do you remember those Valentine’s parties you had in elementary school? I remember each student receiving a decorated paper bag, and we walked around the classroom dropping cards and candies into each other’s bags with great excitement. Most of the cards had funny cartoon characters, with silly messages like,  “You’re sweet!” or the famous, “Be mine, Valentine!”

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How to Turn your Weakness into the Power of God

Several years ago I traveled with my family to see one of the most powerful flowing water sources in the world–Niagara Falls. As we approached the falls, you could hear the roar of the water crashing into the river below. The rapid-moving water from the falls created a magnificent white cloud of floating mist, a sight of exquisite beauty and greatness. To behold something so amazing reminded me of the sheer power of our great God–a place of holy ground.

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